Soap dispenser, also called Liquid soap dispenser, could force quantitative liquid soap out automatically, it is widely used in bathrooms. Clean Hands and other hygiene with liquid soap avoiding contact, convenient and health.


    Soap dispenser, usually including the liquid outlet fixed on the countertop, the liquid bottle fixed under the countertop, the liquid forcing out parts and the pressure head etc. usually the soap dispenser is installed with the sink, nearby the faucet. Check the sink with the soap dispenser install hole or not before installing, or it could not be installed.

    There are many kinds of soap dispensers, with many kinds of colors. Different color one is chosen for using in different places. Usually the standard colors of soap dispenser stainless steel are: shiny color and brushed color. Shiny color one is always used in the hotel bathroom.

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FAQ of Soap Dispenser



Soap Dispenser Introduction

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