Sometimes few soap liquid may be condensed if the soap dispenser without using for some time. Fill in some warm water in the bottle and stirs if the condensed soap liquid is little, that will be ok. If the above way not workable, please remove the condensed soap liquid, then fill in the warm water, using the soap dispenser for several times until outlet all the warm water, the soap dispenser is clean now.


Please note the outlet may be choked by the dust and the impurities in the soap liquid. Please change the soap liquid if it deteriorated in the bottle.


The soap liquid may not be forced out if it is too thick, fill in some clean water and stirs to dilute it, then it will be ok for using. Fill in some clean water to exhaust the vacuum inside the pump when first time use, then fill in the soap liquid, the soap dispenser is ready for using.


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Soap Dispenser Introduction
The sorts of basin drainer



FAQ of Soap Dispenser

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