The basin drainer is generally divided into : pop-up drainer and flip drainer; the pop-up is divided into: big pop-up cap one and small pop-up cap one; due to the specificity of the glass basin, the big pop-up cap one always be used; the small pop-up cap one is widely used on the ceramic pots and glass basins.

  According to the kinds of the basin, the basin drainer is generally divided into: with overflow hole one and without overflow hole one.

The function of the overflow hole is:  when the water in the basin is more and more, it will drain out along with the flow hole. There are many kinds of countertop basins and art basins without overflow hole, the water will overflow if the faucet does not shut down.

The water will overflow when the water is full of the basin which installing basin drainer without overflow hole. 

  90% of the basin drainers on sales are common models, fit for the basin with 40-50mm hole, the top diameter of drainer is 60mm, the diameter of screw is 38mm,the diameter of the bottom piple is about 31mm, 190mm height(standard interface).

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