Towel rack (Sanitary Ware Products), commonly used material is stainless steel, copper, and aluminum ( Aluminum ), iron, zinc, plastic and so on, all kinds of material is divided into many Series, by contrast, the above material of stainless steel in strength will be better.

  The way of choosing towel rack:

First, choosing from quality, the full copper towel rack is best,followed by aluminum towel rack, and then the stainless steel towel rack, the last is the Zinc alloy towel rack. And it is also need to be considered by the economic capacity and level.

Second, choosing from the moistureproof capacity, because the environments of towel rack is moist, so the moistureproof and corrosion proof of towel rack is very important. So the material of towel rack should be fully considered when choosing.

Third, before installing, clench one side of the towel rack by one hand, and wipe the towel rack from one side to the other side for one time, small burrs will be touched if the low quality, even paint chips peels off.

usually these defect is not easy to be found by eyes. The quality of electroplating and coating is also need to be considered.

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