Bath grab bar is the bars or handles installed in a bathroom or shower, which used to balance or support body. Can effectively avoid the elderly people and children are injured or slip on a slippery surface.

  The advantage of bath grab bar:

Rugged, sleek design is concise and practical.

The high stability, high density, heavy weight, do not peel off after plating polishing, do not fade, is not easy to rust and aging in a damp environment, the overall structure is not loosen.

Corrosion - resistant, resistant to high temperatures and low temperature, the stability is strong, do not fade, wear - resistant features, excellent adhesion.

  How to keep bath grab bar

(1)Always open the window : Develop the habit of always open the window, it will keep the bathroom air flow.

(2)Always wipe the bar: Wipe the surface of bar with a soft cloth and water to ensure bright luster, Never use corrosive acid and alkali solution, Also try not to wash it with detergent.

(3)anti-corrosion: If you want to decorate it, do not allow paint above the bar, because the paint on the bar surface of the coating has great corrosion effects. There are a lot of detergent which formulas changed frequently, it is not suggest to buy, they may cause serious damage to the bars. A lot of bleach, detergent and vinegar contain a large number of acidic substances, there is a strong corrosive effect, it is also not suggest to use.

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How to keep bath grab bar

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